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jevery @ RCGroups

Shipping was timely and customer service was very good with my recent purchases with PA.

Richard Roberts

Wanted to thank everybody at Precision Aerobatics for getting my order out so fast and for the customer service that is great. I added to my order twice and the good people at PA dealt with me with in a patient and pleasant manner. The packing is top notch one of the best in the industry.  Thanks again for the great experience.

Dennis A. Hobson

Dear Lady: this is just a simple letter of praise for Cheryl Widner at P.A.  U.S.A.  -  I recently made an order of two electric RC planes and made a mistake in doing so! 

Cheryl called me to verify this is what I wanted (it was not) she helped me get this order right and answered all of my questions and needs in such a courteous and professional manner, I felt this letter was in order!   Not only do you sell the best model aircraft on the planet, you also have top notch employees and support crew like Cheryl !


Keep up the Good work,

Paul Herman

Many companies have support for e-mail questions. However, very few answer

in a timely, accurate fashion as you did.


This tells me that PA understands the value of good customer service. I will

definitely purchase my next aerobatics aircraft from PA.



Willis Garman

Thanks for getting my Addiction XL out so quickly! Ordered on Wednesday and delivered Friday. I appreciate the great service



Tim Parrish

Thank you for your call back, and the time you spent with me today. If this plane fly as well as your customer service this will be my favorite  plane. Customer service any more seems to lack politeness, concern and  urgency. This is not the case with you are your company. This Hobby is my fun and release I appreciate your friendliness politeness concern and urgency. Thanks again and look forward to meeting you some day. 



Tim Parrish

Bjorn Erik

Thanks so much! The service is just as brilliant as the plane it self!

rogersrick123 @ RCGroups

Had my maiden today, I love this plane fly's like a dream. Great job PA.

faldomak @ RCGroups

My XL arrived Today. A beauty. Great packaging and everything in perfect shape.

Amazing engineering job, all these interlocking parts, balsa inserts with correct grain direction, carbon where needed - it crossed my mind that I should buy another one, strip down covering and keep it as a sculpture - it really is that good.

four stroke pwr @ RCGroups

All I can say is WOW! Madiened the XL yesterday. Installed the 2200 batteries as indicated. Launched, and did not add ANY trim to any surface! Perfectly stable! The field was in awe on just how slow this airplane will fly around the field! Flat spins just like we saw the PA pilot perform here. In fact, I like it so much, I went out again this morning and did again! Charging the batteries again to repeat the process tomorrow. The wind was zero this AM (fog on the field in fact), so I was able to fly it so slow with no hands on controls.  Flew my XL again today, zero wind at 8:00 AM, and warm, now 80 degrees. I'm thoroughly impressed, as this is a smooth machine, elegant really. And, into a breeze yesterday late morning, will fly at walking speed! Not kidding!

I have already placed my order for the XXL, which will be 71", LOL... (Hope they are listening!)

rogersrick123 @ RCGroups
I've had a few flights on my XL, and she has plenty of power to pull out. Use the 16x6 prop, way better for slow 3D. I really like this plane, you don't realize how big it is until you go back to the X, it's like day and night. Once I found the CG sweet spot, she locks into a hover perfectly. I took some expo off from the manuals suggestions, I was using way to much stick to hold her steady. I'm at 50% elevator, 50%ailerons, and 30% on the rudder using a JR 11X.
Rudder was the biggest improvement, I find it harder to keep the tail steady in a hover if I need to move the stick to far over while playing with the throttle. I have the 3DHS 74 Edge 540 and it's a great 3D flyer, but the XL is way easier to fly 3D, no bad habits and beautiful rudder control with the wing hardly dropping. 
You are so right on Mr Kamikaze, the XL is a nice improvement over the X, just like the X was over the original Addiction. This is the best 3D plane I've ever flown.
Brett Mezen

Holy Cow!!! I just maidened my Addy XL and it's craZZZZy!

The Addy XL is the same step up from the Addy X as the Addy X is from the original Addy. We know the original Addy is a great 3der so imagine how good this Addy XL is!!!

I videoed the maiden and you will not believe it when you see it. On low rates it's big and precise and smooth, on high rates it... Well it's stupid slow and stable. And sooo easy to do it with as well.

Shaun, my hat's off to you man. You are a designer with vision and an amazing comittment to giving us all the opportunity to fly planes like this.

Get one of these guys, take it to your local flying patch and watch the jaws drop!!!

jwrdn @ RCGroups
This plane was enough to pull me back into the hobby. I hadn't flown but a couple times over the last 10 years and was browsing RCgroups and came across the ADXL and was hooked! I had a few Su-do-kois(SP) including a couple of the giant ones years back and loved them. Some may be too young to remember them but they were a profile with lots of wing. I ordered an ADXL last week and it should be shipped tomorrow! Can't wait!

Test flight complete! Extremely happy. Buy one of these only if you like Floaty 3d planes that fly well!!!

Richard Roberts

Hello P.A. I would like to thank all of you Cheryl, Jim and Jerry and anyone else who works at P.A. For the customer service, you are so nice and accommodating. Very professional but like talking to a friend. Wanted to thank the guys for there shipping and packing well the packing is the best I have dealt with on-line, they do the little thing to keep your products safe like taping props to a piece of cardboard. Owe yeah they make Great planes to. Thanks again P.A. Richard R.

Paul Gunnar Strand, Norway

PA product is outstanding good and solid planes! (I have 4 Pa planes in my collection, and i'm very satisfied with their performance!)


four stroke pwr @ RCGroups

I ran six sets of packs through my Addy XL this morning.. what an incredible experience. Love this plane!

Andreas Hegger

Hi All, I just received my ADXL - what a piece of Art... - I am putting it together for a photo shoot

Robin W. Karlsen

Thank you for providing these great Precision Aerobatics airplanes to the world! Extremeflight, Pilot-Rc, Eflite, Aeroworks, Great Planes, Hangar 9 could go to bed and sleep, compared with the PA machines! I have never seen or flown a electric balsa/carbon plane with this kind of light weight and extreme durability as the PA planes! I'm on my third PA bird now (there will be a fourth), and the best so far. The Extra MX is amazing! It looks great and the performance is fantastic! The only thing I wish you could do to the Extra mx is to add carbonfiber in the front of the glasfiber cowling as you already have in the back, it cracks up really easily. 
Again! The best electric flyng machine I've ever had.

To everyone PA team - Thanks!

Best regards,

Brian Rust

 The lightweight strength in every Precision Aerobatics plane gives you the feeling that you can do anything. My Addiction XL floats like nothing else I have experienced. From the very first flight, I have been impressed with how stable and responsive it flies. I have other planes in my inventory - but I can always count on an enjoyable flight when I grab my Precision Aerobatics - Addiction XL!

Lee Underwood

 Absolutely without a doubt is the design of the PA airplanes. I have a Addiction and Addiction XL on the bench now being built, they are a joy to build 

Marco Beicht
 I love my Addition XL, because it is the best flying plane in my fleet.
Rick Samuels

 PA planes make me look like a better pilot. I've had many different PA planes over the years and I love them all. My favorite right now is the Addiction XL.

Sean Butler

 I have the regular and XL addictions and I love them both. Crisp handling, light wingloading, sturdy construction. Thanks PA, the addictions ROCK!

Paul J Bajnoczy

 I loved how my Adiction XL went togather. flys great. I just need to be a better pilot. I also got the Bandit before it went out of stock in the US. Lucky me.

Lee Underwood

 Building a Addiction and Addiction XL at the same time, what crazy beautiful airplanes, thanks PA

Christy Buhler

My husband has an addiction X and an XL and a Bandit. He absolutely loves them !! The best planes ever! Makes me a weekend flying widow ... lol

Steve Shaw

 Steve Shaw started my addiction with an extra 260. next i saw the addiction in a video and thought wow what an ugly plane. when i watched the video i bought one and then another. then the addy x came along . have had 6 of them. the addy xl have had 2 so far. also along the way i have had an extra mx a katana mx an ultimate and an electric shock.does anyone know of a group that can help with this sort of addiction? I just ordered a new Addy X today

Jason Ille

I will say the addiction was my very first balsa and pretty much my first plane. The stability of PA planes are amazing it has taught me how to fly 3d the guys at the field do not believe me when I tell them how long I have flown. I really didn't want to come out and tell no one but the truth be known it is because of the planes I flew. Addiction, 2x X's and then on to the XL and now the XR is ready to maiden. One of my daughter's now is flying my first addiction I purchased. So with that said I'm very thankful for the planes that I have from PA not only bringing my daughter's and I closer together but involving them in a lifelong skill and not on the street looking for trouble like I see with many kids today. So with a new addiction my youngest daughter would be thankful but even without I may just have to cut one of my X

Elmo Cooper
I own an Addiction XL and an Ultimate AMR. Both planes satysfied me from the start. The pre-assembled parts are perfectly manufactured and the final built up you have to do at home is arranged logical and using the manual very easy practicable. I never got in trouble getting any spare parts (thanks to my local PA provider braekman.de) whereupon it instead of the detailed construktion of PA planes often was no problem to fix minor injury even with my low skills in building. First it was a hobby, with PA it became passion, that means this brand made me become a fan in a way I actually only knew from rock stars!
Phil Kuefller

I had my 1st flights with my addiction xl and all I  can say is wow ,wow,wow  I love this plane and can see why you named it addiction. Thanks for a great product.

Ken Miyake

I am now flying the Addiction XL exclusively and love the plane. When I am doing any maneuvers the plane always holds its position, especially when in a hard climb and near a stall the plane will not lose position and stay put. All my other planes wanted to pull to the left. I love the saying on the Addiction XL(The Ground Is The Limit!) . It is so true. I hope you got a patent on this. Whenever I fly I always remember this saying. I guess it keeps me grounded. I love this plane.

Scott and Scott Jr. Waite

The planes you guys design, build, and sell are above anything I have ever flown……..of our fleet of almost 40 planes…the PAs are the only ones getting an flying time…..as a matter of fact based on my timer on my radio, my Katana has flow from Ohio to California and all the way back to Denver if I use a 30 mph rate of travel…….. 

You are welcome to post this in your testimonials section…...

 You Sincerely Grateful Customers:  Scott and Scott Jr. Waite………

Bob Rederick
I flew my new Addiction XL today, first time.  Instructor was telling everyone how great my first landing was with it.  I rolled it upside down first flight and it needed no down elevator.  An awesome plane.
Rob Merkes
"This plane is the best airplane I've ever flown. Just so you know. It's all I fly anymore.
Thank you, "

Rob Merkes
It is a one of a kind design for sure. And it's huge.

Incredible (not that you need my complements).